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tv   [untitled]    May 17, 2014 11:30am-12:01pm PDT

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>> good afternoon. welcome to san francisco planning commission regular hearing nor thursday, may 15, 2014. i'd like to remind members of the audience that the commission does not permit outbursts of any kind please silence all electronic devices. that may sound speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. . commissioners we left off under our regular calendar for items 13 a and b for the case e and c at the 1634 on pine street
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commissioners you'll consider the environmental impact report and hamburger from the staff on the on the conditional use authorization please know the revised porlgsz portion of draft eir end and public comment will be received but not responded inform in writing >> that good afternoon. i'm jenny from the planning department the certification of an eir draft motions was published and the public hamburger was held on november 7, 2013, the public
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comment closed on november 19th, will 2013, the comments documented was published and distributed on april 13th and the responses document primarily expressing for or opposition to the project. noticing no one you have comments concerned the draft eir. the eir found that implementation of the project would resultful in a cumulative environmental impact on historic architecture resources and on traffic level on intersection of van ness and pine street those couldn't be impacted below a level there's pursuant to the california quality act sequa in the commission choose to paragraph the project we
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recommend that the certification of the report are adequate and accurate and the procedures for which the eir comply with the sequa and sequa guidelines and chapter 31 of the administrative code that concludes my presentation. unless you have questions >> thank you. >> good afternoon glen from the department staff for the conditional use authorization the project is 1634 open pine street that incompasses 5 lots on the north side of pine street between van ness and faing within the commercial district and one hundred and thirty height and ball district also within the van ness automobile
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special use district the project has a 5 year development at the 5 hundred thousand secret plus with one hundred and 16 dwelling units and two ground floor commercial spaces and 2 hundred and one parking space we propose to demolish all the site to mrarnl preserve 3 of the existing buildings. i have passed out on awe rot sheet i'd like to go over. the regarding the public notification all dates son the table should read 2014 and not 2011. the public notice was completed for the nc 3 district apparently in the draft motion on page 2
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the army portions of lot 7 within the van ness special use district and, in fact, all the lots are within the van ness special automobile use district just to briefly mention the project is not within the van ness special use district but the automobile district. on the draft motion the bicycle parking section is an updated material. the affordable housing requirement should mention 10 or more unit for the affordable housing requirement where the draft motion says 5 unit. in addition to the proposed housing the imply count should state 17 one bedroom and 142
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bedroom in the 14 and 15 stated in the motion. lighter the project is described as having one and 2 bedroom unit but one 3 unit bedroom. the compliance with the planning code section this section speaks to the commission considering finding to larger scale lots and the finding mentioned in the awe rot sheet are within the draft motion. with regard to public comment the project sponsor has gotten 25 letters in support of the project that includes the neighborhood polk neighborhood association concerns regarding the project scale and mapping and demolition have been
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expressed to the department as well. the project requires the conditional use authorization for the existing site under the authorization the project requests to modify the rear yard open space and street frontage and parking and loading requirements of the planning code and additional it seeks the bulk limits proscribed by the code. in working with the department staff and the outreach efforts the department is supportive of the code modifications as part of the development authorization. the modifications are necessary and desirable in producing a well scaled project nipping to the distinct building patterns. the project will activate the streetscape along pine street and reduce the amount of parking and loading with the traffic
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first general plan policy to reduce vehicular and pedestrians and they're requesting an alternative to an loading sites that's necessary to create one hundred and 51 unit and to integrate the units and a this point in time he did not remedies the project be approved on the conditional use authorization to be in our draft report >> thank you project sponsor. >> good afternoon commissioner president wu and damaging and dwingdz members of the public i'm before you representing the
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1634 commercial project. also with me is dean a developer and the project sponsor lead architect from a firm and andrew from rose land use council. the project will be developed by the 26 resident of san francisco and ocean development has extensive highest quality residential projects in the city including the marlow at the 16 hundred van ness and which is currently under construction he has a strong union record jobs on the site. the project architect has a strong san francisco firm with projects expanding over thirty years including (calling names)
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the watermark and the paramount among other. we want to thank director ram and his amazing team and fwlen and sequa planners jenny and lisa gibson the the previous owners has property a taller and descender building to construct 15 and 24 stories the previous parole require a bulk clarification and taller buildings. the project sponsor before you today which was inquired in november of 2011 is consistent with the scale with the development of the surrounding neighborhood. like the previous professional the project empathize with the height and bulk limits
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incorporate the recorded facades of the potentially historic building and have no meaningful effect on the wind conditions of the area. the project architect is going to go through the mix i just want to highlight a couple of points we have 31 letters of support they range from associations it the local association in the tower residents in all of the letters are very, very strong. lighter i'll leaf you with basically that the affordable mix is an excellent one and respecting some of the historical restoration we wantly request our approval of the recommendations by staff. thank you very much >> thank you. >> good afternoon,
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commissioners i'm with the quan tomb agencies. i have a little slide show i wanted to you guys are familiar with the site with the sake for everyone we're bounded by franklin street and van ness given the gas station at the corner of van ness and pine as much the design presented to you essentially treats this as two public spaces, in fact, it has 4 public spaces due to the advantage from california and franklin as well. the project economists of two towers within the h and 34 height limit and separated by a courtyard it incorporates 3 existing fads along the
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preliminary street and engages the space between the two buildings has part of those. from a mixed standpoint glen covered the 2 hundred and 61 projects single 3 bedroom unit and on site b m rs and rail space whether the towers come to the ground also class one and two bicycle spaces and the vehicular entries along pine street. i'm going to skip through the plans we have low level parking that's dense trying to be as sufficient with that is a and the ground floor has the court yard between the two this including the lobbies and residential amenities and above
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that we have a residential two residential towers similar from a plan prospective that surround the structural core. there's an amenity deck on the top floor of the east tower on the finders of our screen right there. from a height and bulk prospective you see that the roof plan each tower is contracted 20 from who overlapping rectangles and the primary goal is to have a magnificent with the neighborhood and consistent with our incorporation of 3 of the existing facades along the street. that is what the street looks like normally today before you the design proposes to eliminate the two smaller second and third from the right maintaining the
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building on 167 opine on the left. i thought we'd jump in and show you the facades into the landscape the rhythm of the towers honor the rhythm that's created with the existing buildings with the two towers having a component to the ground where the two buildings are and one on the corner. right now the two towers lead to through the existing facades the exception is the building mass directly above 1334 pine street as a result of our study on magnificent especially from the corner of van ness where 1634 if
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leaflet on its own seems like a smaller element and the two other buildings on pine have the buildings set back 60 feet and the building is 5 stories and set back 8 feet from that. the mass of the building really is broke down you're going changes in material expression as well as in form. the materials of the building are concrete with fwlaz panels monthly mostly of a gray with a few porcelain panels the earth tone color you see coming up
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pine and franklin street other portions of the building is glass window wall using glass and metal as well as balconies finally coming around the building is a view hoover at the intersection of california and franklin and here we've attempted to somewhat modulate the mass as the building hits the property line so we have a series of property line windows that attempt to and i believe succeed in modulating scale of the walls. some little details those are the corporation of the facades so jumping in the building design seeks to essential keep the masonry and the details of
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the facades. we property e propose to new glazing into the facades to help tie them together with the new building and the material expression of the windows will be consistent with other elements at the because of the this for the new building. the retail spaces that help modulate the scale on the corner to the extreme left this is the residential entry to the right of that 16860 pine the reddish is the space that has the beyond it the main courtyard those are the primary outside space and other retail spaces to the right >> thank you. let's take open
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this up for public comment if i call our name line up on the right-hand side of the room (calling names). >> good afternoon. i'm here speaking on behalf of the cathedral neighborhood also the polk association and you have a letter from paul warm of the pack height residence i want to talk about the community outreach that o stare did open the project when all the associations viewed the building we had concerned about the the parking and number of cars, the design of the building blocking transit cords and affordable housing on site and some of the design facade details the edges
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being block i didn't against the ends of the street. after a number of meeting our concerns were roved we are very, very positive about that and the reductions of the park and the increasing of bicycles over cars is much more appropriate and worthwhile project and we do support it thank you. thank you. >> thank you. >> hello my name is melanie i'm a tenant on franklin the property adjacent to the project and i'm speaking open on behalf of the landlord the owner of the building behind us. we have two major objectives
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just to be heard and two getting in direct contract with the contractor we'd love to speak with them and i've heard those concerns echoed one concerns about the noise that occurs for the next two to three years and the impact on the tenants living in the adjacent to the project and the parking i'm sure you're aware of pine is a heavy commuter roads and finally the air quality. since there's a construction project on van ness and bush and franklin there's been a few the air has been kind of heavy so it's a little bit disconcerting to us. those are our main concerns
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about the impact this project has on the people that are directly effected and specifically our landlord dearrives most of her income from the property she's concerned about the views right now i have a beautiful view of the san francisco sky resign instead the building will be there and the tenants and the value of the rent she's able to receive during the time may be difficult for her and to discuss with the developer a theme i've been hearing throughout the city is trying to bridge a balance between preserving the history of san francisco and embracing moving forward with projects and the only that i'm living in is
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from 1916 that has beautiful characteristics like city hall we'd be interested if moving forward and speaking with the developer so thank you >> thank you. >> good afternoon commissioner president wu and fellow commissioners i'm danny a representative with the sheet metals union 104 we support this project. the project will benefit the local community and the city of san francisco for the following reasons one provide much needed housing not only for the neighborhood but for the city overall and have over one hundred affordable housing. it will make the neighborhood safer by re55th a site that's
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largely been vacant and stimulate the local economy k community by providing jobs with health care and retirement benefits that will allow those workers to live and work and spend their wages here 90 in san francisco. we urge you to adapt the sequa finding today and thank you very much and good afternoon >> thank you very much. >> next speaker >> good afternoon, members of the planning commission i'm a member of the united brotherhood of carpenters i'm here to speak in in favor i have 3 things to say those stare development has
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pled the marlow project and they've created hundreds of union construction jobs. this bill the proposed project is going to create, you know, as the gentleman said at least 3 hundred jobs i mean, i can tell that's got to create 3 hundred drywall jobs and there's a curling, you know, a housing shortage in san francisco we need to awe leaflet that when the architect showed the picture how good looking that building is it certifies part of the facade i'm familiar with that section of pine street i've a
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native san franciscan and pine district takes me home. it's a win-win project that creates jobs and people will spend money in the city i'll ask for your support on this project >> thank you very much. next speaker. . hello, i'm patricia love lock i live on pine street less than a block where the building is supposed to be i've intoen a number of neighboring neighbors we were surprised we didn't get notice about in meeting i received a notice about the environmental review but even though mr. davis has my phone number i've spoken well, him a couple of times regarding break in see on the prospective we
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never received notice we're the neighbors uphill although their picture doesn't show that pine goes uphill it does so being we're near the top of the hill donates in our face and there are shadows in our face too. looking at the project itself it is not demonstrative there's nothing that looks like in our neighborhood maybe c mc but as far as housing west it's victorian and actually, the real affordable housing in the city. when i went to early meeting with this gentleman i asked about the avenue, i have a real problem talking about affordable
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housing in this city because it's affordable for whom. this neighborhood massachusetts has affordable housing housing for less than 2 thousand it's got all types of housing and we see the encroachment of the metal and it's overwhelminging. the traffic is horrible i've been working with muni trying to get one intersection safer where we had the fatality crash it's a lot of work and merely giving money to fix the light at the pipe and vaep is not going to do anything for the neighborhood traffic it's like crossing the freeway there's citizens and disabled it's hard to get across the street more cars is not going to do it.
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there's driveways it is adjacent to the automobile space so it's a long way to walk with a lot of cars going before and after and hopefully, he people will be walking on the opposite side of the street >> thank you is there any further public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner antonini >> well, i think this is a very good project. it's developed over the years specifically more so, now that the present project sponsor has take place it over i know as mentioned it's you compliant and the design is well done trying
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to preserve the 2 historic store fronts. and having the interior courtyard is go it can be a windy area without providing open space that is protected by buildings around it. they g did very good community outreach there's a lot of support all over the place. my only comment about the design i'm not sure i like the color of the rust accent is i think the rest looks good but that's shocking when i look down franklin and pine that's the two accent colors so perhaps something in a dark green might be fitting in better that's a minor pt